For Expatriates & Their Family

Our Cross-cultural orientation program is designed to help newcomers as they settle into their new homes and their new positions and ease their adaption by providing them with valuable information concerning their new living and working environment. This training allows them to gain a rapid and effective understanding of their host country to ensure their most comfortable and smooth adaptation. However, transition is not the only time where expatriate families are faced with cross-cultural challenges and AMJ offers a variety of programs that are designed to assist every member of the family at various time of their journey.

AMJ Consulting offers adapted cross-cultural training and coaching services to assist:

  • Expatriate spouses on the following themes: Family adaptation, spouse professional development, repatriation, children’ education.

    Example of programs:
    Newcomers orientation program: Is a fast-paced introduction to your host country and brings to you everything you need to know to help smooth the way you settle in your new life: from the practical to the cultural aspects.

    Cross-cultural communication program: This informative and interactive program will accelerate your understanding of the local culture; help you understanding the local culture, values and beliefs, decode situations that are culturally puzzling or surprising, and equip you with effective communication strategies.

    Personal development workshop: Specially designed for expat spouses, based on coaching exercises, this productive session provides a chance to explore how you can make your stay in your host country an enriching experience and how your journey abroad can contribute meaningfully to your future personal and professional life.

  • High school and University students on the following themes: Identity awareness, university subjects choices, transition in students’ life in college.

    Example of programs:

    Exploring my future path: A coaching program that addresses the questions of cultural identity and personal interests. Beside the privilege to be raised internationally, high school students also face the complex challenge to understand who they are and how they want to orientate their future path.This interactive workshop provides coaching exercises that guide the participants through an exploration of their potential.

    Preparation to study abroad: A program specially designed to raise awareness of the various challenges, that students face when studying abroad, including independence, responsibility, self-confidence as well as the adaptation to another foreign country or even to their country of origin.