Our Method

Our programs are designed around a fine combination of research-based lectures, presentations, interactive discussions, coaching activities and practical experiences.

Our programs are available in English, Chinese and French.

We can also propose programs conducted in two languages, for instance English and Chinese. In that case we provide slides in the two languages and we conduct the session mainly in English with Chinese when it is necessary.

Our programs are based on the needs of our participants. We conduct a needs assessment based on individual questionnaires or/and a preliminary interview.

We recommend follow up session to anchor the news skills in the daily practice and to support the implementation of the action plan. The skills developed through the seminar and/or coaching sessions are reinforced and rooted in daily practice.

Delivery of our programs

We offer small group interactive seminars and one on one coaching sessions.

On line/skype coaching:

We have very positive feedback with online training and coaching.

We can also propose mix solutions where group training is delivered on face to face and individual follow up sessions are conducted on line.

Ethical approach

AMJ Consulting is committed to provide support on cross-cultural issues to people of any nationality and cultural background.

We are committed to:

  • Respecting our participants in their individuality, without any value judgments
  • Listening with objectivity to help them enhance their self-knowledge
  • Working in a friendly environment to improve reflection and efficiency