Who We Are



Founding Director

Anne Jacquet is the founding director of AMJ consulting, a company which provides training to professionals working in international environments, to assist them in working efficiently across cultures. As a certified training consultant specialized in cross-cultural communication, She designs and conducts training programs and workshops to support international professionals and their families, in designing strategies to bridge cultural gaps, helping them to reach their full potential in a multicultural world.

Born and educated in Paris, she graduated in Chinese language and civilization and holds University degrees in history and education.  She acquired extensive knowledge, skills and sensitivity in the field of cross-cultural communication through her cultural immersion in Taiwan as a young student and by living and working in Taiwan and China for the last 20 years.

Over the years, she has developed a broad range of skills through her experience in various positions as training consultant in the corporate sector and education consultant in the International schooling system.

She is fluent in English, French and Mandarin.

Currently based in Taipei, she conducts on site training all over Asia and online coaching as well.